E.I.S. Halloween 2017

Witches and wizards, ghosts and goblins, Spiderman and supermen, mermaids and fairies came calling on Tuesday, 24th October, as EIS students marked Halloween 2017 with hair-raising tricks, ice-cream treats, savoury meals and lots of assorted sweets.
Students of Years 4 and 5 went "tricking and treating" to the Middle School where they made a jolly experience of diverse games and the early teenage frolic.
And of course the Upper School was agog with colours and sounds, as well-attired senior students danced the afternoon away. Reluctantly at 2:45pm, happy but exhausted students began to make their way to their parents' cars amidst mid-term-break hugs of goodbyes.

Benet Lokossou, Year 3

My Terrifying Night

Once upon a time there lived a small boy. His name was Angel. One day in the night, he slept and suddenly a vampire appeared and then a ghost. And suddenly the most terrifying dragon in the world killed the boy. 
When the boy woke up he saw that he hadn't died and the boy's parents were happy.
This is the end of my story.

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Natural Hair

As the saying goes, “A woman’s hair is her crowning glory.” Mrs. Corine Hounsou (wife of English teacher, Mr. Aaron George) gave a well-attended workshop, reinforcing the beauty of natural hair textures.

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Valentine's Day

Love ‘springs eternal’ at E.I.S., but on 14th February children of all ages bring it to the forefront.

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Photography Exhibition at the Institut Français

Upper School students explore new horizons through the photography of Mr. Jorge Serpa, exhibited at the Institut Français

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International Day

On the morning of the 26th of January, EIS held it's International Day

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Our students get into the Christmas spirit

E.I.S. gets into the Christmas spirit as the festive season approaches.

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