International Day

Sariah Goury, Year 10 (United Kingdom/Côte d'Ivoire)

On the morning of the 26th of January, we held our International Day at The English International School.  Here, we have a huge variety of cultures and nationalities, ranging from Europe to the Americas to Asia and back to Africa, so it is not surprising that our International Day was so interesting.  Each continent decorated their own table with food, posters and trinkets from their home countries.  Each continent also presented facts about their traditions and countries.

Vaibhav Iyer, Year 11 (India)

In The English International School, we spend a day of our year celebrating our collective diversity.  It is a day where all of our unique cultures and traditions are shared through a variety of festivities, and with the degustation of numerous foods from a myriad of nations.  It is a moment of national pride and for every student and their teachers.

Sidney De Souza, Year 10 (Bénin)

International Day was spent as a family of cultures.  Different cultures expressed themselves through art, food, dance and factual evidence that prove how different people can be unified.

Aya Kafal, Year 10 (Lebanon/Canada)

On International Day we come to school dressed up in our traditional clothes.  Students bring appetizing foods from their countries to share with everyone else.  It’s nice to taste different foods from several countries.  It is important for us to be able to communicate more with others and at the end we learn about other cultures and beliefs.

Cyrian Kedowide, Year 10 (Bénin/Burkina Faso)

International Day is one of the best school events which have helped me to develop my understanding of the world and its continents.  I honestly loved this day, as it also provided an opportunity to dance to the rhythm of African songs, being proud of where I come from.

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