Years 4 and 5 went on a field trip to IITA

Jonelle Asu, Year 4

Our field trip to IITA was fun and amazing. I liked it because we learned about plants like we do in science and science is my favourite subject. The field trip was more amazing and fun because all my classmates were there.

First, a man was talking to us a little about plants. Then when he finished explaining, we entered back into the bus to go where we could see the plants and that was at the field.

When we reached the field, Dr. Tamo showed us the plants and the insects. While explaining to us, he told us that IITA meant International Institute of Tropical Agriculture. The first plant he showed us was the African mint plant. It smelled good and Dr. Tamo told us that we could rub it on our skin so that mosquitos cannot bite us. The next plant was the bean plant, and he gave us some bean plants. The last plant was the corn plant which has corn grains inside. Dr. Tamo also gave us some corn seeds.

After visiting the field, we went to visit a little forest and Dr. Tamo told us that there were snakes there and that there used to be rabbits there as well. It was a fun field trip.

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