Stone Soup for Sale

Reception and Year 1 loved reading and performing the traditional tale, ‘Stone Soup’, where a crafty soldier was able to convince villagers to share their food. Each villager only needed to share a little bit, but with all the ingredients combined, a delicious and nutritious soup was enjoyed by all!

Buying vegetables   Taking the ingredients back to school 

Our fun with this story continued when we decided to make our own soup. Nobody brought stones, of course, but each student brought a fresh ingredient from home (sweet potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, onions, corn, parsley, green beans etc.) and together, we learned how to make a healthy and tasty soup!

Make a healthy and tasty soup

And unlike the story goes, we did not sell the soup; we were more than happy to let the rest of the lower school taste our yummy creation!

By Ms. Jasmine Carsky

Reception and Year 1 Class Teacher

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Modelling the Human Respiratory System

Making bubbles might seem too familiar, too simple and too common, but it never stops to excite children.

A visit to Groupe Veto Services, SA Farms was planned, in line with Year Four's Global Perspectives topic on Food, Water and Farming.

On the 4th of March 2022, students from Years 10-13, under the leadership of the student council and the school administration, successfully carried out the second edition of the EIS Model United Nations.

Artistic talent was evident in the E.I.S. Middle School as students worked on drawings, paintings and pottery under the theme of Heroes and Leaders.