By: Andrea Melissa El Hajj, Year 10

I have been practising Capoeira for about six years and I love it. Capoeira made me more self-confident and determined to reach my goals. When I first started Capoeira I told my mom I wanted to quit, but I took the time and realized that it was a great activity. It gave me the ability to do many things. People come over to me and ask me what Capoeira means to me, and I scream, “Capoeira is in my blood!”

Since I started Capoeira I was always scared to do any flips. But this year, I took the time to realize that if I don’t do it now, then when will I ever have the courage to do it? So this time, I stood and finally did my first back-flip. Indeed, it was hard to do, but the joy that filled my heart made me jump, sing and dance like there was no tomorrow!

I would have never done it without the help of Mestre Fassassi. In my opinion, everyone should try Capoeira; it is more than amazing.

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