Community Service 2014

Soil Remediation Techniques

It all started on the 17th of January 2014.  The Community Service group and myself began the start of what was an almost impossible (as it looked at first) task of remediating or reviving the soil at the E.I.S. field.  We were under the supervision of Mr. Wale, who had already sorted out different aspects that we were going to pick up, of our choice, in order to bring our soil back to life.  So, we already knew where to start off.  After going to the field and taking a close look at the soil, we all thought that we wouldn’t be able to do it.

In order to begin our project, we divided ourselves into various groups, some picking up the chemical aspect of the project, and others the biological aspect of it.  Our main aim was to stay away from chemo-remediation techniques as far as possible.  So our plan began, ‘Soil Remediation Techniques in Order to Bring Back Fertility at the E.I.S. Field.’  After taking soil samples to the lab, we found out that the soil contained a high concentration of aluminium, as do many soils in this part of the African coast.  We also tested the soil for pH levels, and we found out that the soil was very acidic and had a pH level of 3.4.  Our first aim was to raise the pH level of the soil and bring back the aluminium to the bottom of the soil.  The soil was completely infertile and unproductive, or as the technical term suggests, ‘sick,’ and we had a tough job on our hands.

Ousmane Thioune, Year 11


Working at Mamma Mia

With the experience gained from working at Mamma Mia, I feel a great interest in finance, resource management and accounting, as these are the many career options linked with my Community Service.  I learned a lot during my Community Service.  I learned that punctuality and respect are very important in a working place.  I also realized that communication and accuracy are the keys that lead to the success of group work.  Working at Mamma Mia was a generous gift I received from my school, as it gave me an idea of how interesting and yet challenging jobs are in the world.

Olivier Ndikumana, Year 11


Community Service at Clinique d’Imagérie Médicale SEZO

My Community Service at Clinique d’Imagérie Médicale SEZO was unforgettable and tough… I will admit that working in a clinic or a hospital is really hard and requires patience and team work.  Determination and passion are required to be able to work there.  I have a lot of respect for anyone who is able to stay in this type of job or to even achieve the university years required for it.

Korotoum Kagnassy, Year 11


Our service at Ecole les Lapins Bleus

On Friday, 17th of January, Bernard, Mike, Sophia and I began our service at Ecole les Lapins Bleus, a local private school, consisting of a nursery, a primary school and a middle school… Even though this was a successful service, which provided us with a lifelong experience, many challenges were encountered which strengthened our thinking skills.

Julien Carsky, Year 11

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