Earth Day

Grass planting   Tree planting

Earth, so beautiful and green
Areas full of beautiful trees
Rivers, so nice and blue
Trees giving shade from the sun
Hundreds of beautiful plants and animals
Dams full of water, ready to burst
Another month with more beautiful days
Year after year of everlasting natural beauty
By: Arthur van Campen, Year 8
Wind Spark
I dreamed
I was earth
In space
Rotating and orbiting
By: Aisha Aminu, Year 9


In the garden   In the classroom

The earth is full of wonders of nature
Rustling leaves, howling winds, whistling breezes,
Gurgling streams, tweeting birds, hissing volcanoes,
Splashing waves, cackling trees, plopping rain.
By: Andrea Melissa El Hajj, Year 6
Rhyming Verse
We need to take care of our Earth,
Because it’s where we will give birth
To the new generation,
Who will be in this location.
If we can keep it clean,
Our world will stay green
Our Earth Day is crucial,
We need the removal
Of all our waste,
Let’s make haste!
By: Sille Knudsen, Year 8

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The most important lesson we learned this year was the value of Interdependence; hence, it became the theme of our 2020 - 2021 Yearbook.

E.I.S. wishes everyone Happy Holidays with a message about the environment.

On the 22nd of March 2021, Year 2 pupils of The English International School joined the rest of the world to celebrate World Water Day with the 2021 theme, Valuing Water.

Andrea Melissa EL HAJJ, who after 11 years of practising the Afro-Brazilian martial art / dance at E.I.S., writes to us from Jacobs University where she has started her own Capoeira Club.