EIS Photography Exhibition

Miriam Augustt, Year 10

A warm breeze suffused the air on the 7th of June 2024. This was the day when our class teacher organized a photography exhibition on the theme of monochrome with the members of his photography club. Monochrome is when an image has only one colour or a different shade of the same colour, but is mostly black and white. It took place at the administration building.

Decorated according to the theme, black and white balloons were hung from the ceilings of the classroom. The black balloons really embellished the room and added a spark to it. Though simple, the decorations were pretty. Each member's photographs were grouped together and posted on the wall. As time flew by, more and more people flooded into the room, creating a buzzing and bubbling atmosphere. The pictures made people travel and ponder on subjects that they would usually overlook. As we were all fascinated and gazing at the magnificent images holding profound meaning, our class teacher invited each member of his club to talk about their art and what inspired them to choose their respective concepts.

Personally, this part of the exhibition really touched me as it inspired me to start photography. Already, I love art and taking pictures of things. This exhibition - I feel - really benefited everyone as it opens your eyes to things you normally ignore and makes you be grateful for all the things surrounding you: nature, shadows, and people.

Soon after those life-changing speeches, food arrived and it was scrumptious. The meat pie melted in your mouth with every bite. The crust and the filling of the meat pie blended perfectly together. The brownies and cakes had the same effect and were just heavenly. Juice was offered and made the total meal unforgettable.

To conclude, I am elated that I got to attend such a blissful event. I thank Mr. Tonji, the photography members, Mr. Tonji's wife, and every other person who contributed to the success of the event for inviting us and dedicating time for the exhibition. It was amazing, and I am looking forward to engaging more in the art of photography.

Nousra Ba, Year 10

Have you ever stopped and taken a moment to truly see the world around you? On Friday, the 7th of June, spectators were granted the opportunity to explore the extraordinary in the ordinary through a captivating collection of photographs by the members of the Photography Club of EIS. Mr. Tonji, the organizer of the event, meticulously planned this photo exhibition wholeheartedly.

At the administration building, the attendees were welcomed with a monochrome theme. Black balloons were hung up against white walls with black and white photographs.  This theme evoked serenity and calmness. The soothing music in the background also enhanced the room’s ambiance for the whole evening. By 6:30 pm, the room was filled with teachers, parents, and students; echoing the waves of laughter creating an inviting atmosphere. Different themes like shadows, nature, flowers,  and people were observed and commented on throughout the event.

After a while of scrutinizing the pieces of art, Mr. Tonji invited us to quiet down and listen to what he and the members of the club had to say. Each photographer talked about their respective theme, why they chose it, and how their photographs came to be. Through their speeches and photographs, they were able to show their progress throughout the academic year in terms of photography, capturing a sense of achievement and even awe.

Soon after, we were welcomed by the beauty of food like meat pies, chocolate brownies, and drinks arriving. The savoury foods all had us in awe. It was "the cherry on the cake".

I had to sadly leave soon after that, but it was fortunately on a great note. I was able to congratulate the students, Mr. Tonji, and thank all those who contributed to making the event come to life. The students had the opportunity to show the world their passion and joy while being surrounded by their friends, teachers, and the greatest of all, their family members. The event was more than a success.

I am truly grateful for having had the opportunity to witness the photographs. It made me nostalgic and self-reflect on the days I used to not only photograph some moments in my life, but also video them. Who knows? Maybe I’ll continue that old habit of mine. In conclusion, everyone had a great time at the event. It offered us a fresh perspective of familiar sights while allowing us to reflect on life itself simultaneously.

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Photography "opens your eyes to things you normally ignore and makes you be grateful for all the things surrounding you: nature, shadows, and people."

Year 2 make a delicious fruit salad with lots of fresh fruit.

Years 4 and 5 went to United Nations Children's Fund UNICEF