English International School Youth Project

The group meets twice a month on a Tuesday from 15hrs-16hrs.

The club has three main objectives;files/pics/SchoolYouthProject140624/IMG_0036.jpg

  • To find out about human rights and help to increase local awareness of different issues related to human rights,
  • To raise money to help support local projects related to human rights.
  • To enable students to see that the action of one person can make a difference. They can make a difference!

Previously students have, interviewed people in the street to find out what they think about human rights.

It was interesting for the students to find out how peoples’ views differ and how there are central ideas that many people hold about human rights.

While finding out about the death penalty they wrote a play about this issue to increase awareness of this in their local community.

They produced a power point presentation about child labour.

They raised money and set up a mini project (which ran for 6 months) to provide one meal per day for students so that they would be free to attend school.


Currently, the group is involved with the “Centre de Promotion Sociale de Segbeya” which is an organisation which educates blind youngsters here in Benin. They have a centre in Cotonou and a centre in Grand Popo.

These youngsters, without the help of these centres, would not have access to education. During their education (between Reception and Year 6) they are educated in all subjects and also in how to read braille.


Once they reach Year 6 they continue their education in the school which is situated next door, but the centre continues to support their learning by helping them to cope in a class of non-blind students. The centre also translates the students’ final exams into braille to enable them to take exams.


At the moment it is only children in the surrounding areas that have the possibility of attending the school. For this reason the organisation would like to build a boarding school so that students from further away can attend.
EIS decided to support this initiative by giving a donation from the proceeds of our annual school fair. The cheque was presented by the students.


If you would like to make a private donation to the centre you can contact Mrs. Ferdjani and she will give you the bank details for a transfer. Please note that payment can only be made directly to their bank account.



A group of students from the centre will make a music CD to raise money for the boarding school. This initiative was funded by a private donation.

Your donations do make a difference!!!

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