Fresco by Brazilian artist, Eduardo Kobra

Sephora Aboudou, Year 5

My class went to the mural walls of Benin to see the painting of the famous Brazilian artist named Eduardo Kobra, aged 48. We were accompanied by our class teacher Mrs. Mbaka, and Mrs. Beatrice. When we got down from the bus, the first painting we saw was the one of CO-EXISTENCE. People of different cultures, colours, nationalities and religions were holding shoulders. This shows that we can live together in peace no matter our differences. Eduardo Kobra has done a great job for the people of Benin, teaching everyone good lessons from his painting. Another reason he may have chosen Benin is because of the relationship Brazil has with Benin which dates back to the period of the slave trade. We later saw other pictures painted by other artists. There was a colourful cheetah, an elephant, a child about to run a race and a chameleon.

Fatimah Sow, Year 5

On the 10th May 2023, our class - Year 5, with our teacher Mrs. Mbaka, and Mrs Beatrice, went for an outing to the amazing mural walls of Benin. We saw the painting of a young Brazilian artist named Eduardo Kobra. The painting is part of his project called Co-existence. Men and women from diverse cultures, races, class backgrounds and religions held one another on the shoulders and were looking forward. The meaning of this is that we should put our differences aside and work together for a better tomorrow. We should come together as one. Eduardo Kobra is going around the world creating wonderful murals. I learnt that we should work on our talents and use them to help our world. The mural wall of Benin is an awesome place to visit. It shows many aspects of African life too.

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Photography "opens your eyes to things you normally ignore and makes you be grateful for all the things surrounding you: nature, shadows, and people."

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