Goldfish in the school pond

Reception and Year 1 got a wonderful surprise when a morning at the school field turned into the day that they released over 20 young goldfish into the school pond!  

Macey named her goldfish Penny

Each child got a chance to observe and admire his or her goldfish, give the goldfish a name, and let it swim off to join the others.

Freedom at last

The students love catching a glimpse of a bright orange fin or tail of the already fully-grown fish in the pond.  And they are even more excited to see how big their new goldfish get!

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Years 3 and 4 took full advantage of an opportunity to 'go back to nature' by visiting a farm in Calavi.

Year 6 and 7 went on a field trip to a seashore where young turtles were taken care of.

The visit of Year 5 to the Ministère des Affaires Sociales provided them with an opportunity to understand how the rights of children are handled in Benin.

The racquet skills of E.I.S. Year 13 student, Peemann Kaur, contributed to Benin taking second place in the Junior Badminton International 2022.

Modelling the Human Respiratory System