Halloween Legends of Years 2 and 3

Marjory Vodonou, Year 3

The Fairy Leaves and the Wicked Witch

I love Halloween. First of all, it is because I love autumn season. In autumn, the leaves fall from the trees. It is colourful with red, brown and golden leaves. The ground is like a fairy carpet. There are pumpkins on the fields and witches in the air.

One autumn day, I went to my Halloween party. Suddenly, I heard a voice, a witch’s voice that asked me to give her all my candies. She also said that she shall eat me if I don’t give her. I gave her all my sweets and I ran away….. But she was still following me! So I took some autumn leaves from the ground and threw them at her. I went back home. Uuufffff! Halloween night was over! The end.

Tanishq Kalwani, Year 2

The Golden Leaf and the Witch

Halloween is in October. October is autumn. Autumn is a season between summer and winter. During autumn, the leaves fall from the trees because the breeze blows and also because of witches in the air. When the leaves fall, it gives us a shower of yellow and golden leaves.

I was walking on my leaves carpet when suddenly a witch appeared in front of me. She was carrying a jar and she was trying to scare me. In the jar there were so many sweets. I wasn’t scared and I pushed the witch. After a moment, the sweets fell on the ground. Then I was eating the sweets. That is the end.

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