Hurray! The new school laboratory is ready!

Hurray! The new school laboratory is ready!

Behind the scenes people have been working for the last year to put together a new laboratory in the Middle School campus. We believe, in order for students to fully understand scientific concepts, that it is imperative that they have the possibility to explore these themselves through practical work.

Last Friday the laboratory was inaugurated by Mr. Collins, Years 6/7 and Reception/Year 1.

Colapsing can experiment

Mr. Collins demonstrated two experiments which showed the effects of atmospheric pressure:  the collapsing can experiment and the upside-down glass of water experiment.

The collapsing can is caused by the condensation of steam into water inside the can, causing a vacuum. The air pressure on the outside then crushes the can. When asked, one of the younger children explained that it was caused by magic….

The upside-down glass of water allowed the younger students to see more clearly the strength of the air pressure when it was held up side-down over Mr. Collins’ head (without spilling). When asked, one of the younger students was able to explain it was air outside of the glass.

Following the demonstration, Years 6/7 experimented with different liquids to find out if they were acid or alkaline. Here are some of their comments:


The New Science Lab – Comments by Years 6 and 7

The science lab was the best!  I could smell freshness like a newly-opened present.  I discovered so many things about gas, changing liquids, colours, etc. … I really want to go back again.

-Fadel Bruce-Oliver, Yr. 7

Year 6 and 7 doing their first experiment

When we went in the lab I was so excited, but I was ready to be serious and do my experiment quietly.  I followed the rules of the lab and everything went well.

-Sidney de Souza, Yr. 6

Recording observations carefully

When I entered the lab I was so excited to see new things I had not seen before.  I also had a turn to try out an experiment and it was fun to try.  I wish I can do it another time.

-Aya Kafal, Yr. 6

It worked!!!!

I enjoyed my experience in the lab.  The materials and size of the lab was amazing.  I wish I could go to the lab to carry out experiments every day.  It’s a pleasure to have a school lab.

-Ishan Bhowmik, Yr. 7

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