Immerse Education Summer Programme Scholarship Recipients

Poorab Khubchandani, Year 9

Year 9 student, Poorab Khubchandani, qualified in the 13 – 15 year old division with his essay on the topic, Should Borders Exist? He explained, “Reflecting on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and the Afghanistan-Taliban issue led me to the decision of choosing this topic in the International Relations category. Borders help to show a country on a map and borders brand a citizen based on where they live. However, we have to keep in mind the problems borders have created as well.”

Poorab, in his essay, looks at disease and terrorism as two main reasons which have led people to question the importance of borders, as well as reviews the role of colonialism in the establishment of borders.

Peemann Kaur, Year 12

Year 12 student, Peemann Kaur, qualified in the 16 – 18 year old division, writing on the Physics topic, What Knowledge Can We Gain From Observing Space?

“Choosing this topic allowed me to go far beyond the regular curriculum and research further into the knowledge that we have gotten from space. Space exploration has always been a very fascinating topic for me, and this allowed me to delve deeper into my love for space. During the process, I was able to learn so much more about all the achievements we have made regarding space in the past years, and it allowed me to relate my academic knowledge to real-life situations. Writing on this topic really helped open my eyes to the huge spectrum of knowledge that can be uncovered with the help of physics.”

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The visit of Year 5 to the Ministère des Affaires Sociales provided them with an opportunity to understand how the rights of children are handled in Benin.

The racquet skills of E.I.S. Year 13 student, Peemann Kaur, contributed to Benin taking second place in the Junior Badminton International 2022.

Modelling the Human Respiratory System

Making bubbles might seem too familiar, too simple and too common, but it never stops to excite children.

A visit to Groupe Veto Services, SA Farms was planned, in line with Year Four's Global Perspectives topic on Food, Water and Farming.