International Day 2013

International Day is when people from different countries, or continents, represent their country. In our school, we either talk about our country (for example, our royal family, traditions holidays, etc.) or make some type of show. This could be a dance, fashion parade or singing. We also dress up in either our traditional clothes or something that has to do with our country.

Costume  So many costumes

We are separated into different ‘continents,’ and therefore we have our own room to present things from our country. I am from Denmark, so I was in the continent Europe. In Europe we had flags, books, posters and much more. During the last weeks we had all met in our continents to discuss what to do or present. We, children and teachers, chose to have a dance, a parade of kings and queens, and to sing our national anthems.

In Europe’s room we had different representatives: from England, Spain, Germany, Holland, Armenia and Denmark. We all had our little ‘department’ in the room. We had flags, posters, books, pictures, etc.

International Day  Enactment of traditional wedding

During International Day the whole school presented from their own continent. Of course, since we are in Benin, West Africa, the continent group Africa was the biggest, so they went first. They did different dances and a parade of their outfits. Then a few classes from lower school presented a few songs. Then came us, Europe. We presented a dance, parade and we sang our national anthems. After us, came The Americas.; they had made a dance. In the end came Asia. They told about how they had high-developed technology and made their own dance. They also showed how a wedding would be in Qatar, which was quite interesting to watch.

After everyone had presented their different continents, we all went inside to look at the decorated rooms and look at the different books and posters. People from the continents were asked to bring a special food or dish served in their country. So in the rooms there was also food to eat. To taste different food from different countries was lots of fun.

By: Sille Knudsen, Year 8


Asking questions  Fashion

What is International Day? To start with, International Day is the day when many students from different parts of the world come together in order to share their cultures.

What happens during International Day? During International Day, different continents such as Africa, Europe, ‘The Americas,’ and Asia expose their skills by their dances and fashion shows. After those four continents’ presentations, all the students can run in the building to discover appetizing foods all combined together in each continent’s room, giving out pleasant smells that climb up to the throat. However, when all the students and parents are done with this multitude of food, the celebration can keep going on with loud music that seems to be swelling out of the speakers.

Why do we need International Day? We all need International Day because it is the best way for children to communicate more about their diversified cultures and beliefs.

By Francky Retice Ayosso, Year 9

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The most important lesson we learned this year was the value of Interdependence; hence, it became the theme of our 2020 - 2021 Yearbook.

E.I.S. wishes everyone Happy Holidays with a message about the environment.

On the 22nd of March 2021, Year 2 pupils of The English International School joined the rest of the world to celebrate World Water Day with the 2021 theme, Valuing Water.

Andrea Melissa EL HAJJ, who after 11 years of practising the Afro-Brazilian martial art / dance at E.I.S., writes to us from Jacobs University where she has started her own Capoeira Club.