International Peace Day

Janelle Tettey, Year 3

Peace Day is 21st of September. Peace Day has no noise. Peace Day is a sit down day. Peace Day is all over the world. Everybody celebrates Peace Day.

Peace is to be helpful. When you see a dove, it is a symbol of Peace. Peace is also saying sorry and Peace is caring for friends and giving hugs and kisses. Peace is to love your friends.

We are only children, but people can learn Peace from us.

Happy International Day of Peace!

Andrea Melissa El Hajj, Year 11


People united around the world

Ending all wars

All of us helping one another

Citizens holding hands

Each moment is treasured.

Fatoumata Jarjusey, Year 11


My definition of peace

Is a blissful moment in time

When two oceans can meet

When trees can reach out to the sky

And say a gentle ‘hello.’

It is when wild flowers will be encouraged

To grow

Where the grass is allowed to flourish all types of green

Minus the envy.

It is when the rose doesn’t have to grow thorns to protect its beauty.

It is every flower being chosen for the bouquet.

Peace is when the weeds don’t interrupt the flowers’ growth

By nipping on their sunlight

Bombing their existence

Then leaving them to the side to die.

My definition of peace

Is one that looks unattainable, far-fetched

Because we cannot accept one another

We continue to bomb one another

And discriminate against those we call ‘the other.’

But now I have chosen my own peace

I will no longer let people poison the flowers in my garden

No longer let them tell me

With which flowers to decorate my bouquet

I have chosen the peace inside

Since the one outside is rare.

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