Moving to the new school building

Patrick Udosen, Mrs Fredjani, Aisha Aminu Sadiq, Dylan Collins and Sille Knudsen


First Impression

Moving to a new place or area can be very exciting. This is because you get to explore new things and adapt to a new environment. The school has done a marvellous job. The new middle school, located at the school field is very beautiful. It took some time but they accomplished this year’s goal. Everything about this new place spells amazing. The structure, the arrangements, everything. The classrooms are so organised. Everything installed there is brand new. It is so cold, we always have to bring in a jacket, but that is a good thing. We use to complain about so many things in the old building. Things like, lack of space, or the heat. But, I am proud to say that the new place has everything we need. There are more toilets and so much space to move around. I love the new middle school.

By: Aisha Aminu


My Second Day In Our New School

I wake up in the morning, wide awake and ready for school. I expect the same old routine. Yet, when we pass the road to our old school I am bewildered at first. After a few seconds I remember that I have a new school.

I step out of the car and into the cold morning sun. I walk down the path admiring the new school building on the way. The bamboo shadings help keep just the right amount of light into the classrooms. The glass door and windows stop mischief and secrecy in the classroom.

I place my bag down next to the class we will be entering first. I then go down the side of the building, down the orange gravel path that is shaded by trees. It feels so secretive.

The path opens up and I find myself in an open, cheery terrain. Students sit huddled at various tables. I find a place at a table at the back. I enter my former self. I'm now a child once more.

Suddenly, memories of the past into my mind. The memories soon engulf my vision. Then the building and the fence disapear. My mind then enters my former self, I'm a child once more.

I burst through the blue, metal door that has now long been cemented up. The vast terrain reveals itself to me. The swings far ahead, across the desert of sand and behind the jungle-Jim. My friends and I commence our journey. Together we stumbled across the sand. Our anticipation causes our pace to quicken and in no time we arrive at the swings. We are then rewarded with a wonderful swing in the cool shade of the trees.

I am rudely awoken from my dreamy entranced state by the ringing of a loud bell. It is time for class to begin. I head back down the path and to the area where I gad dropped my bag. I get my books ready and enter class.

The cold air from the class wraps around me like a blanket of snow, it is refreshing at first. As time passes I get colder and colder. I soon realise that warmth is now what I seek most and the cold is what I reluctantly accept.

When class is over, I race out of the class. I embrace the warmth. It feels odd to seek warmth in Africa. To feel so cold, so near to the Equator. The day now seems short in my eyes and I ask myself

I line up with my friends. Ready to go to school. We arrive at school to meet puzzled drivers, they are still not used to the change. They are awe-struck when they hear the news of the new school building. The day was filled with such excitement. Yet, sadly it comes to a close.

By Dylan


Moving to the new school building

Moving to the new school building was very exciting. Mostly because I had never been in that building before, but also because it was a whole new experience.
Except for the paint smell, everything is perfect with the classrooms. There is enough space for everyone to work and the tables are spaced out and neatly put together. The new white-boards are crystal white. Also, the display boards are a very pretty sea blue colour, made out of a furry material.
Mrs Tobi seems delighted with having enough space on her table, because she used to have problems with stacking all her marking and homework books. On the other hand, Mrs Ferdjani seems pleased with her brand new air conditioners (while in the meantime some students feel like they are on the North pole).
The new playground is great. There are enough benches and eating tables for all of us. We also have different activities we can do during break, or lunchtime: such as baby-foot, a ball (for any type of ballgame) and space to run, or walk, around as we like.

In general, we all (middle school students and teachers) enjoy the new school building at the field, and are grateful for the opportunity to have these brand new classrooms as our working and learning area.

Written by: Sille Knudsen


School description poem

White walls
and four display boards.
As many students who come
the more there is to be done.
Our teachers teach
and the students learn
there is so much to do but only one term.
The field is for fun
to play in the sun.
Trees and leaves
are always something we need.
The turkey is tricky
but is not always so sneaky.
Our class has all you need
not to mention a water dispenser for people in need.
Tests and tests you'd better study
or you'll get an F from good old Mrs. Ferdjani.
so don't be shy
come by.
To the E.I.S
and say hello
to your new friends and teachers who say hello to you.

BY:Patrick udosen Yr8

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