Science Day in the Middle School

Aya Kafal, Year 9

Photo credit is for Regine Romain

On Thursday, 1st December 2016 was our Science Day. I came in the morning and got all the materials ready. We were all paired in groups, some in the classrooms and others in the lab. I performed the fireproof balloon experiment with my classmate, Tanya. We performed it in front of the lower and upper schools, Mrs. Carsky and Mr. and Mrs. Collins.

The materials we used were two balloons, several matches and a candle. One balloon we filled with water and the second one with air. We explained to everyone how the experiment works. I put the balloon with air above the candle and it popped, but the second balloon with water didn’t pop. That’s because the water absorbs most of the heat. The rubber of the balloon does not become hot; it does not weaken.

In conclusion, we had an amazing day. We learned new things and we were all tired at the end.

Abigael Meto, Year 9

Photo credit is for Regine Romain


Coketastic is the combination of two words, which are coke and fantastic. The goal of this experiment was to show how fantastic coke is in science through reactions with baking soda, vinegar, salt, Mint Mentos and bleach.

During the time I performed the experiment, I learned how to do two things:

1. When the younger children came by, I adapted my explanation to their understanding level, contrarily to when the upper schoolers came by.

2. When my experiment didn’t work the way I expected it to, I improvised suiting the situation in my project.

Israa El Zaharawi, Year 9

Photo credit is for Regine Romain

Why I liked the Coketastic experiment that I performed with Abigael was that it was fun to see the coke blow up or change colour with bleach, baking soda and other things. Also, we showed that coke is not only a refreshing drink, but can be dangerous when mixed with other chemicals.

We experienced a great Science Day by seeing the smiles on children’s and adults’ faces.

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