Sensory Discovery and STEM Robotics

Does one need snow to make a snowman?

Children in the Sensory Discovery Activity would tell you, “No.” Using baking soda, cornstarch, shaving cream and good finger dexterity, lovely miniature snowmen were made.


Do you need a kitchen hot pad on which to place your teapot straight off the stove?

Why buy one when you can make it with clothes pegs, paint and sound concentration, as the children did in their after-school activity.


In STEM Robotics Club, students learned about different types of engineering, forces and rotation. Using educational robotics kits, they problem-solved in teams and built their robots, which they were proud to show.


Whether discovering aptitude in science and maths or developing skills toward future careers, the students agree that through it all they are having fun.

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Making bubbles might seem too familiar, too simple and too common, but it never stops to excite children.

A visit to Groupe Veto Services, SA Farms was planned, in line with Year Four's Global Perspectives topic on Food, Water and Farming.

On the 4th of March 2022, students from Years 10-13, under the leadership of the student council and the school administration, successfully carried out the second edition of the EIS Model United Nations.

Artistic talent was evident in the E.I.S. Middle School as students worked on drawings, paintings and pottery under the theme of Heroes and Leaders.

During our art class, the Year 5 and 6 discovered the world of Abstract Art through the eyes of Wassily Kandinsky. It inspired them to create their very own wonderful works of art that I am now sharing with you. Enjoy! Class teacher Year 5 and 6 Mrs E. Afolabi.