Shadow Theatre at the Chinese Cultural Centre

Jhanavi Kannan, Year 5

Our field trip was to the Chinese Cultural Centre for a Shadow Puppet Show. The first story we saw was The Turtle and the Crane. The next one was The Mountain of Flame. The third one was The Make-up of the Monster.

Audrey Asu, Year 5

Once upon a time, along a peaceful river were a big frog and a small frog. There was also a turtle who was always disturbing them and the crane helping them. The turtle went to the frogs and tried to eat them. They tried to escape but the small frog got hurt.

Then the crane came and drove the turtle away, put the small frog on the back of the big frog and asked them to go. The turtle came again and provoked the crane. They fought and at the end, the crane held him by the neck and went with him somewhere where he wouldn’t cause trouble any more.

Alejandro Correa, Year 5

I liked the effects like the movement of the smoke they used for the fire mountain. I love the art they used for the puppets.

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