Sports Day 2013

Tug of war    Assault course

Sports Day

Sports Day is a day where we do a lot of sports.  Mr. Junior made 4 groups of 9 children and Ms. Jasmine gave them names:  Batman Team, Superman Team, Spiderman Team and Wonderwoman Team.  Cara was the team captain of Batman, Abigael was the team captain of Superman, Adaeze was the team captain of Spiderman and Neyna was the team captain of Wonderwoman.

By:  Marc-Alain Adjahi, Year 4

Heave ho

There were 7 games at Sports Day.  There was sprint race, resistance race, relay race, score the goal, three legged race, climbing race and tug of war.  Sports Day was organized by all the teachers.

I was happy that we were second, and I was happy that Junior organized it with the teachers.  Thank you all the teachers!

By:  Cara Udosen, Year 5

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