Visit from the Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF)

Self presentation  Solar Collector

Two men came to the English International School representing the Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) on Tuesday, 28th May. One of the men was from the U.S. and one was born in a village in the northeast of Benin called Kalale. The man from Benin is now a professor at Texas A and M University in the U.S. SELF is a non-profit organisation made to help people make use of the sunlight.

Many people in the world do not have electricity and some don’t even know what electricity is. Children in the villages of Benin study with a candle or kerosene lamp at night. SELF is using solar energy to help these people have light at night. They are also helping people by producing a way for crops in dry areas to get enough water by solar energy. This is a process called drip irrigation.

I think SELF is doing a miraculous job for many people around the world. It is quite startling how the sun’s power can change a lot in the universe. This phenomenal job puts smiles on thousands of faces.

By: Shikha Vaswani

Fresh Clean Water  Drip Irrigation



The sun shines of happiness and hope

Through all the violence I wonder how we cope

People in poor villages wish for good wealth

At young ages they can’t do much without good health

As they grow older they think

And their ideas come like how two glasses clink

The sun is their saviour to give them good crops

They move about in happiness, like how a bunny hops

Villagers experience electricity with wonder and joy

They gain even more, like a new toy

The energy from the sun helps us all in many ways

And all we can give is say a solemn thanks

Thanks to those who care for us

We rejoice quietly without making a fuss.


By:  Kyarra Medenilla

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