World of Exploration and Discovery

Our ‘Centres Room’ is a world of exploration and discovery. In it, you will find 5 different centres: Math Centre, Writing Centre, Science Centre, Reading Centre and Design Centre.

A big part of Centres Time is knowing how to tidy up your centre!  Write fun sentences with the words we have learned.

We take turns to work in twos or threes at each centre. We are rotated to a new centre every day. Each week, we get to work with different friends, and we are given new tasks to do with them. 

Play number dominoes!  Design necklaces with cool patterns!

Here are some examples of our tasks:

Writing Centre: (Week 1) Complete the letter cards. (Week 2) Write fun sentences with the words we have learned.

Reading Centre: (Week 1) Choose a book that looks interesting and share the story with your partner. (Week 2) Match letters to word cards.

Math Centre: (Week 1) Complete number cards and match numbers to objects. (Week 2) Play number dominoes!

Science Centre: (Week 1) Research and talk about your favourite animal. (Week 2) Explore forces: magnets and weighing.

Design Centre: (Week 1) Design a castle using Legos and tell us about it. (Week 2) Design necklaces with cool patterns!

A big part of Centres Time is knowing how to tidy up your centre! Smiley Face stickers are earned for completing tasks well. Smile

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