Year 2 pupils become budding botanists

Anaya Akul, Year 2

Our whole Year 2 class went on a trip to Botanico. There, we saw a lemon tree with tiny lemons on it. A kind lady showed us many different plants of all different sizes. We also saw some plants that cannot grow in the heat and had to be put in smaller rooms called greenhouses. The greenhouses had ACs that helped the plants grow. We also saw very pretty purple and white orchids, and there were also some olive and banana trees. Some of my friends bought some plants and we got a big pot for our class too. We went back to school, and we took our plants with us. We had a lot of fun there.

Elie Hode, Year 2

On the 12th June, Year 2 went to visit Botanico. A woman that worked there showed us a lot of different kinds of plants. We saw some lemon trees, cactus, peppers, yellow chillis and olives. Olives usually grow in France and Spain, but they are not able to grow in Benin. Cactus usually come from China, and it is then brought to Benin. The lady also told us that lemon trees grow flowers on them before the lemon is formed on the tree. We also visited the greenhouse and saw different plants that cannot grow in the heat outside. I saw purple and white flowers called orchids and saw really small oranges. We brought some plants home with us. I enjoyed the field trip.

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