Year 6 decided to focus on serving their own school community

Saii Nandhini IYER, Year 6

Community Service as School

Year 6 students from E.I.S school did an activity based on Global Perspectives. The activity was on Community Service.

Community Service is an activity which directs that we serve our Nation, Society and Community. Community Service is an unpaid activity done by a group of people. During the cleaning activity we were nine students under the guidance of our learned teacher, MRS. MARY MBAKA. We were assigned duties at the different corners to clean and make the place tidy.

We did the cleaning activity in our school garden. We used big black trash carrying sachets, brooms, rakes and gloves. We all were assigned with assignments to do. Some students were assigned with collecting plastic like cookie wraps and also dead tree leaves, some children were also assigned for collecting the dead leaves with, brooms and rakes then staking them together. When all was garbage was collected it was thrown in the bin. We washed our hands and entered class and had a vote on who cooperated the most. Each of us got two merits for our hard work.

The work was done with teamwork and discipline. Team work is done when people in a group work together by cooperating with each other and showing interest in the subject or activity which is to be done.


Teamwork is done by people who know how to work in a group, not individually. The meaning of this quote by KEN BLANCHARD means teamwork is stronger than working individually .If we work as a team we might accomplish championships. For example, when football players work together they afford the credit together, but if a football player plays individually by dribbling and kicking the ball into the net to score a goal to get the credit, it is not fair. If we do not work as a team other members will not be motivated to do the task. That is why it is important to work as a team.

The activity also taught us to keep the place neat and tidy. Cleanliness is important because it gives rise to a good character by keeping body, mind and soul peaceful and calm. Maintaining cleanliness is the most essential part for keeping us healthy.

“Cleanliness is indeed next to Godliness.”

If we keep our earth clean, we would not have to worry too much on cleaning our planet and MOTHER EARTH would be content for our doing.

Our hard work was appreciated by teachers and also by our Head teacher, Mrs. Rebecca Khelseau  Carsky for cleaning the school garden. During this cleaning process we helped the school cleaners clean the school garden. Since I did the Community Service on cleaning activity I would like to suggest that we use the 3Rs: REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE in school to save the environment.



Michele Klaime, Year 6

My Essay on Community Service

On Friday the 8th of January 2021, the Year 6, with the supervision of Mrs Mbaka, performed a type of community service to clean the school. We did it mainly to protect our environment. Littering is a form of pollution that is destroying our Earth. In Science class, we learnt that plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose. Another reason why we cleaned the school is to help the cleaners tidy up our own mess.  Mrs Mbaka also told us that doing community service will be good for us when we apply for universities later on.

We were supposed to bring gloves, trash bags, rakes, brooms, etc. We cleaned the whole school: the lawn, the eating area and the play area where the babyfoot is.  While we were cleaning, we found a few plastic bottles, plastic bags and biscuit packets on the ground. We even saw a tiny frog while cleaning. It is wrong for us to litter. We need to throw trash in the bin.

What I preferred was that the cleaners were proud of us for helping them and I guess they were happy not to have much to do. We helped the cleaners and that was a good action. It was a satisfying experience and we set an example for other students. I hope we encouraged them to stop littering our school.

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