Year 6 learn more about recycling

Serena Houndonougbo, Year 6

On the 30th of May 2023, at 9:00 am, my class and I went to a recycling workshop in the Agla neighbourhood. We met Mrs. Catherine Edouard at her house. She claimed to be the Recycling Queen! We were transported there by the school mini-bus along with our class teacher, Mrs Afolabi.

Fairy Menghani, Year 6

There were many types of trees there! She recycled almost all the stuff and all what she was wearing was made by her – sandals, trousers, leather belt and blouse. In fact, she showed a few of her amazing, magnificent and recycled items from various products. Raffia, banana leaves and plastics are some of the materials she uses for recycling.

Sanjit Lachhwani, Year 6

Mrs Catherine asked us what we would do if we had a stained shirt. Instead of throwing it away, she came up with an amazing idea to tie and dye it. She explained that we could use spices like turmeric for yellow; fruits like avocado seed for pink; leaves from mango for green, etc.

Saii Vardhni Iyer, Year 6

While the turmeric and mango leaves were boiling, we made designs with the white t-shirts we brought and tied the designs with thread. When everyone was ready, Mrs Catherine took all our t-shirts and dipped it in the solution. It turned our shirts yellow. As soon as everyone had finished, she gave us gifts that were small pouches in which to keep phones. Lastly we bought pouches made from recycled jeans.

Serena Houndonougbo, Year 6

In the end, this field trip was an interesting one and I learned so many things. I would totally recommend that you check out the recycling workshop and get a chance to meet the Recycling Queen!

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