Year 8 visit to the Segbeya School For The Blind

Moses Augustt, Year 8

On the 10th of October 2023, the class of Year 8 went on a field trip to the School for the Blind. The first thing we did was to greet the welcoming Directress of the school. We asked her some questions such as the name of the school which is the Centre De Promotion Sociale Des Aveugles De Segbeya.

We came during their break time, so we interacted with many children of different ages. Some of them are not totally blind. We observed different cases of blindness. Their challenge did not deter the kids. They were happy and lived normally. Later, we had classes to learn how to write in Braille. Each child in Year 8 had their names written in Braille.

Looking back into the past, the blind were maltreated. In some cultures, they were seen as cursed. They didn’t have appropriate schools and this made it very difficult to get a job. Many of them easily gave up on their dreams as soon as they discovered their health challenge. They lived miserably.

Going forward, the blind can have good quality education, which opens so many opportunities for them. They can maximise their potentials just like other kids. They aren’t monsters or abnormal creatures. They are humans. They have skills. My heart erupts with joy, knowing that their future is bright.

Laryn Massry, Year 8

On the 10th October 2023, my class Year 8, accompanied by our class teacher Mrs Nneoma Mbaka, visited the Centre De Promotion Sociale Des Aveugles De Segbeya. Personally, I had thought that being blind was very hard and depressive, but this visit changed my whole perspective.

At 9:40 a.m. we joyfully got into the school mini bus and while on the way, my friends and I discussed the daily challenges a blind person struggles with.

The school for the blind is large and clean. We were greeted by the kind Directress of the school, Mme SEVI Jocelyne. She spoke to us for a while and thanked us for the visit. All around us were blind students getting on with their usual lives. Because they were on break, we were allowed to move freely and interact with them. We got to know the names of many of them, their challenges and what they aspire to be in future. Everyone became friends with everyone.

After break, they taught us how to read and write using the Braille. I found it complicated at first, but with the help of my new friend, I learned to write the alphabets.

Sadly, after sometime, we had to go back to school. We gave them the gifts we brought for them. They happily told us to visit them again. It was an amazing experience.

Looking back, people discriminated against blind people. They weren’t educated and couldn’t achieve their dreams. Going forward, I can boldly say that blind kids are acquiring good education. They are skilful and capable of achieving their dreams just like any other child. I hope that someday, the blind and other physically challenged people will not suffer indifference as some of them do today but enjoy equal respect as people who can see.


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