Year Two’s Visit to the MOA Flour Factory

Muhammad Sow, Year 2

On Wednesday, 28th February 2024 we went to Les Moulins D’Or Afrique (MOA). Year 2, Mrs. Iman, Mrs. Beatrice and Mrs. Immaculée all went in the school bus to Sèmè-Podji. We went to see how flour is made.

Christopher’s dad showed us machines and the control room. He showed us the screen and laptops. He showed us how they work and stay for 24 hours. We learned that grains of wheat are ground and turn into white flour. I noticed silos and we were told that they help to store the grains.

My favourite part of the field trip was when we were given croissants. It was so delicious and it felt like it melted in my mouth. The whole class and the teachers got gifts. We came back tired and very happy with our field trip and I wish we could go again.

Miral Massry, Year 2

On Wednesday, 28 February 2024, we went to a flour factory. Going to the MOA factory was super cool! We got to see how flour is made from wheat grains and it was really interesting.

Inside the factory there were big machines everywhere! They showed us how they clean the wheat grains and grind them into flour. It was noisy but exciting to watch everything in action.

We learned that good flour has to pass lots of tests. They check things like moisture and protein levels to make sure it’s right for baking yummy stuff.

After the factory, we went back to school and the next day our teacher, Mrs. Iman, made for us fresh lovely bread with the flour we got as a gift from the factory.

Visiting the MOA factory was the best out of all the field trips that we have gone to.

It made me realise how much work goes into making flour and baking bread. I loved every moment of it.

Christopher El Najjar, Year 2

We went to MOA factory with the school bus. The reason we went to this factory was to learn about the process of how wheat becomes flour.

When we arrived we saw the big silos where they store the wheat. After we saw the machines that transform the wheat into flour. Then we went to the control room, and when the alarm rings they need to check the screen to see if there is a problem with the machines. The flour produced is checked at the laboratory and is put in bags to sell it.

At the end we went to the main office to see some pictures and we had croissants, bread and juice. The field trip was over and the next day we made bread in class. This field trip was fun, great and very informative.

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