Admissions & Fees

Parents wishing to enrol their children should contact the school for details. Your child may be required to sit an examination to determine their proficiency in English and Mathematics.

Registration fee: This is a single payment of € 228.67 to cover the administrative cost of registering a new child and must be accompanied by a completed registration form and supporting documentation. Once a child is registered no further registration charge is made.

Following a child's registration they will be placed by the school administration in their appropriate year. Enrolment in a school year is determined only by a child's age on 1st September of the current academic year.

The school year starts in September and ends at the end of June the following year. School fees are reviewed annually.

Tuition fees for the coming school year

  Year Term
Play School € 1,512.68 € 504.23
Nursery € 3,025.35 € 1,008.45
Infants € 6,050.70 € 2,016.90
Primary € 6,050.70 € 2,016.90
Secondary € 6,554.93 € 2,184.98
Intensive English € 504.22 € 168.07
Afterschool Prep. € 504.22 € 168.07

School fees for the full year are due on the first day of attendance and a payment should be made before a child attends school. Adjustment will be made for part years if arranged at the time of enrolment.

Parents paying privately may elect to pay in two instalments with half the fees paid by 1st of September and the second half paid by 1st January.

Overseas companies and parents wishing to transfer fees directly should contact the school for bank details.

A full term’s notice is required before a child is withdrawn, or fees in lieu.