The school has a system of merits intended to promote healthy competition and to act as a useful tool for the headteacher to track the progress and aptitudes of individual students.

There are three houses; Newton, Einstein and Mandela, named after the famous scientist, mathematician and social reformer.

Upon joining the school, each student is allocated to a house and stays in that house throughout their school life.

Merits are earned by students for completing homework assignments well and on time, by helping others, by achieving a high standard for class-work according to their ability. Merits can be earned for other school activities including sport and music.

For outstanding work or deeds double merits are given; a student receiving one of these will get a special mention at assemblies given by the headteacher.

Each week the student receiving the most merit points during the week wins a merit badge, which they are entitled to wear through the following week. The total number of merits won by the students of each house are totalled and the running total continues throughout the year and is announced at assemblies each week.

During Prize Giving on the last day of the school year the house with the most merits is awarded the house merit trophy and the individual with the most merit points is awarded the school merit cup which they are able to keep.