Uniform and Equipment

The following items are required.

• Three white cotton shirts
• Three pairs of shorts, burgundy, knee length
• Two white T-shirts, without pictures, logos or printing
• Two pairs of black cotton shorts, just above knee length
• Black/white socks
• Black / dark brown shoes or sandals ('flip-flops' or high tops are not permitted)
• Swimming costume (one piece for girls)
• Sports shoes
• Tennis racquet
• School bag

Female students may order dresses from school to replace shorts and shirts. Sweaters / jumpers / cardigans, if required, should be plain black, with zipper or buttons in front and without a hood. Tiny stud earrings are acceptable, but no other jewellery may be worn. Long hair must be tied back in a pony tail or braid in the interest of health and safety. All cloths and towels should be name tagged. The school will notify the parents if their child is not wearing the correct uniform and they will be asked to deliver the correct one to school so that their child may change.

Equipment required by Students Year 6 to 13

• Scientific calculator
• Protractor
• Set square
• Compass
• Ruler
• Scissors
• Coloured pencils
• English Dictionary