Welcome to the English International School

Year 7 and 8

The English International School located in Cotonou Benin was founded in 2000. It is one of over 10,000 Cambridge International Schools established in over 160 countries worldwide.

Good behaviour and responsible citizenship are central to the operation of the school which was established on the principle of reciprocity. Students are expected to show care and consideration towards others, and to observe the codes of behaviour laid down by the school. The mission statement further outlines the aims of the school.

We are a co-educational day school providing an international education for children from the age of two until university admission age, and we welcome children from a wide range of backgrounds. In the case where students come to us with limited English language skills, we aim to equip them to eventually function competently and with confidence in the language.



Pre-School consists of Playschool and Nursery classes for children aged two and three. The Pre-school Curriculum provides an introduction to a ‘learning through play’ environment and equips the child with the early skills and concepts which will be drawn upon in the Lower School.

Lower School

The Lower School provides an international education in English for children from Reception - Year 5 in the British system. The school will prepare children academically and emotionally for entrance to the Middle School, directing their enthusiasm to good work habits and self-discipline.

Middle School

The Middle School, Year 6 to Year 9 continues the work started in the Lower School and prepares students to be more independent and self directed in their learning whilst adhering to the Cambridge International Examination Curriculum in English, Mathematics and Science and follow the British National Curriculum in French, History, Geography and Art.

Upper School

The Upper School, Year 10 to Year 13 will prepare students to sit for the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE); IGCSE at the end of Year 11. Students can continue their university preparation by studying towards and entering for the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE); AS levels at the end of Year 12 and A-levels at the end of Year 13, which can be used to access leading universities worldwide.