Homework is a joint activity that involves home and school. Involvement in your child’s work can help both to interrelate home and school interests and activities.

  • The Nursery children receive no homework and parents are asked to take time to read and tell stories, play and talk to their child about their day.
  • In the Reception and Year 1 a small amount of homework will be given.
  • Homework for the Years 2 to 13 is very important and parents are required to make sure that: it is completed to the best of the ability of the student, is handed in on time and that adequate time has been spent on it.

Guide for daily homework

Class Hours
Year 2 ¼ to ½ hour
Year 3 ½ hour
Year 4 ½ to 1 hour
Year 5 to 7 1 hour
Year 8 to 9 1½ hours
Year 10 to 11 2 hours
Year 12 to 13 3 hours

Parental participation

It is recommended that parents participate in the following ways.

  • Make a commitment to listen to your child tell you about the school day.
  • Provide a place where, and a regular time when your child can study without distraction.
  • Encourage your child to ask questions about their assignments.
  • Check that all assignments are completed and ask if it is this a good piece of work and why. Please do not correct your child’s work as this may give a false impression to the teachers as to the understanding of an assignment.
  • Check on the progress of long-term assignments.
  • Help your child to organise the management of homework.
  • Ask your child how they did in an assignment.
  • Develop a system where your child sets aside a specific place for completed homework so that it is returned to school on time.
  • Encourage your child to take responsibility for their homework but show that you are there to provide support.
  • Contact class or subject teacher if there is a problem with the amount of homework given, if it does not follow the homework timetables or if too much time is needed to complete an assignment.

Additional Notes

It is essential that all students read or are read to every day for relaxation and pleasure.

If you need to employ someone to overview your child’s homework please ensure that:

  • They have an understanding of the homework set.
  • They give support, and encouragement, and explanation but do not complete or correct the homework for the child as this gives a false impression to the teacher setting the work.